Wedding Photographer

Johan and Liezel

Being a second photographer is a challenge on its own.  You never know if the main photographer will give you credit for the photos you are taking.  Sometimes your insecurities take over and you wonder if the photos are any good.  Sometimes you are petrified that you have taken photos and something happened and oh boy all the photos are trash and the groom or detail or bridal portraits are trash!!!! But sometimes you get a photographer without insecurities that gives you a chance and wants you to have the photos you have taken, showcase them and put them on your website.  Whoop Whoop!  Here are some photos I have taken of the handsome groom Johan and his men… and of course, beautiful Liezel at the stunning wedding venue Lavandou.

Gauteng based wedding photographer AnlaCreative Photography captured these photos of this very gorgeous couple at the lovely venue Lavandou where the pine trees swish swish as the bride walks down the isle towards her very emotional groom.