It all started on a farm in the Karoo with my mom’s Zeiss IKON film camera.  We were on a picnic and I took a picture at the age of 8 with my mom, dad and youngest sister.  I loved that picture and it is a prized possession in our family home.  The picture tells a story.  So my photo story telling or should I say taking! journey started that day.

Growing up…

I had an idilic childhood there is no other way to describe it. Carefree, riding horses, and having lots of DREAMS of how one day I would become a photographer… My dad was a scientist and mom a music teacher.  So I learned to play the piano from a very early age, and she layed the foundation for a creative mind right there.  I had the best teacher!  My mom is still awesome.  My dad passed a couple of years ago and I realized again the importance of taking pictures.  I took a pic with my cellphone of me and my dad a month before his passing.  It is now hanging in my home and something I look at every day.  And… Daddy I miss you, I wish you could see the photographer I have become!

How it all started

I am hitting the fast forward button to skip years and tell you about how it all started.  One of the directors in a Company that I worked for saw my talent, gave me a lightbox, a room with a table and a camera and O’boy I was in business!!  That was the happiest time of my life.  I took pictures of all the product and I created catalogues and sales brochures and flyers and it took a lot of effort to leave that little room –  even for only a couple of seconds.

But I felt an emptiness, a void.  I love people, I love to be part of their lives and I am a hopeless romantic.  So photography of engagements, weddings, families, parties and babies were a natural shift for me and my camera.  I bought my first Nikon D80 with a kit lens and started to study everything PHOTOGRAPHY!  I learned from masters like Susan Stripling, Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze, Jerry Ghionis and many more!

I believe learning from the masters are Key.  Understanding your camera is Key.  Be humble is Key. Believe in what you do is Key. Never Never Never give up is Key. Believe in God is Key.

I can truly say this with honesty.  I LOVE Photography.  I LOVE taking pictures of people promising their love forever. I LOVE families and what they stand for.  I LOVE God, my husband, kids and fruit gums!